Jobbik Calls on Novák to Convene ‘National Crisis Council’ Over Economic Crisis


Jobbik is turning to President Katalin Novák to convene a “national crisis council” of all parliamentary parties, employees and employers’ associations, to discuss the handling of “the economic crisis”, party leader Márton Gyöngyösi told a press conference.


He said he had cancelled a proposed cross-party consultation on the subject as ruling parties failed to attend. “There is no willingness at all on the part of the government to cooperate, which is an offence to the nearly two million opposition voters,” he said. In the letter to Novák, “a symbol of national unity as president”, Gyöngyösi said he would ask her to convene the meeting “to find a solution to this very, very grave crisis which the government seems to be unable or unwilling to act against”. “The forint has collapsed, inflation is skyrocketing, and Hungary cannot access EU funds it is entitled to because of the government’s trampling on the rule of law”, Gyöngyösi said, adding that Hungary was on its way to face unprecedented recession. He blamed the government’s “unorthodox economic policy” for the crisis, saying that it has not been caused by the war in Ukraine.

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