Warm and Sunny Weather Returns at the Weekend


On Friday, we can expect a lot of sunshine, from the cumulus clouds that appear from time to time, initially in the central and northeastern regions, and later in the west, only a few light showers may turn, reports Időkép.

Wind will be strong in many places, the southern wind will be strong in the Kisalföld. In the morning it may freeze in some places, in the afternoon the temperature will be between 14 and 19 degrees.

On Saturday, the sun will shine a lot, apart from the clouds that appear from time to time, a running shower or thunderstorm may still develop. Wind will be lively in many places, the southerly wind will be strong in the west and northwest. The weather continues to warm up, the morning frost disappears, and in the afternoon we can already measure 18-23 degrees.

Only a few clouds can shade the sun on Sunday, no precipitation is expected. The south-southeast wind will be brisk in several places, and strong in the north-west. The early summer heat is returning, in the hottest hours we can measure 22-27 degrees.


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