Rainy Weather Expected Today


Today, a large block of precipitation will arrive in the country, and in addition to the rain, the current cold period will also reach its lowest point in the middle of the week – said meteorologist László Molnár, an employee of Kiderül.hu.

Wet air masses will arrive on Tuesday afternoon and evening, and we can expect heavy nationwide rains throughout the night and on Wednesday morning. The temperature also drops, on average we can measure values ​​between 11-21 degrees, but in the permanently overcast western Transdanubian landscapes, the maximums can remain below 10 degrees.

On Wednesday, with the wind accompanied by strong, stormy gusts, the temperature will be 13-17 degrees, but in Transdanubia and around the capital, the air will only warm up to 7-13 degrees. Meanwhile, the cyclonic field is drifting towards the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, parallel to this, precipitation will stop from Thursday, and a significant warming will begin from Friday – because the weather phenomenon swirling to the west of us is again bringing air masses over us from the south, from the direction of Africa.

At the weekend we will reach the average for the end of April, and in the first days of next week we will have real summer weather with 21-26, then 23-28 degrees. The warmest is expected on Wednesday, on the first of May, and then there will be a marked change again in the following days. The cyclonic field is slowly “going back” and according to the current situation, on May 2nd-3rd, the temperature drops again and the weather turns rainier.


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