An international space policy conference is being held in Hungary

National University

An international space policy conference will be held at the National University of Public Service on October 13; participation in the English-language event is free, but registration is required, the university told MTI on Monday.

The International Space Law and Policy Research Institute operating within the József Eötvös Research Center of NKE (Nemzeti Közszolgálati Egyetem) is organizing an international conference on the results and future of European space policy. The research institute is now also the national contact point for the Legal Center of the European Space Agency (ECSL).

Representatives of the European Commission, the European Space Agency, the European space industry, and several national space agencies will give presentations at the event.

The sponsors and co-organizers of the conference are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the National Media and Communications Authority, and the University of Paris Saclay.

In the announcement, Balázs Bartóki-Gönczy, head of the research institute organizing the conference, explained,

the systems installed in outer space now support the basic processes of the economy, it is enough to think of earth observation, navigation, the Internet, television, and meteorological observations. Of course, modern warfare and defense systems cannot be imagined without the “space segment”.

– added the specialist.

He noted that this is a horizontal industry that affects almost all aspects of life and the economy, and its possible damage would have unpredictable consequences for the economy. “We are at the dawn of a new space age, which presents us with a renewed but different kind of space race,” said the head of the research institute.

They also mentioned that on the day after the conference, on October 14, the students will have the main role at the university, as the Space Policy Student Symposium will be organized for the first time, where 10 students and doctoral students will present in English the sustainable use of outer space in front of a renowned international jury. and his research related to security and defense policy aspects.

You can attend the conference in person, but you can also follow the program online, which is available at, reads the NKE announcement.



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