The University of Debrecen Launches a Space Science Training


With the cooperation of seventeen Hungarian universities, four advanced courses in space science will be launched in Hungary as part of the UniSpace program. The National Public Service University (NKE), which is responsible for coordinating the UniSpace Hungary Consortium, informed MTI on Tuesday: in accordance with the goals of the space strategy adopted by the government, 17 Hungarian universities have entered into a consortium agreement to start four independent, but at the same time, coordinated advanced training courses in space science in the UniSpace program.

The training of space technology specialists in cooperation with 11 universities of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the training of innovative nutrition and space health science specialists is started by the University of Debrecen in cooperation with 9 universities, the training of space science specialists in cooperation with 7 universities by the Eötvös Loránd University, while the training of space policy advisors is started by NKE in cooperation with 10 universities. The courses of the UniSpace program last for three semesters. In the first semester, students can acquire the basic knowledge of the relevant scientific fields – the basics of space science and technology, space physiology and nutrition, international law and the basics of space economics. The second and third semester deepens the knowledge related to the use of outer space by training and by field of science, they wrote.


It was announced that the space policy consultant training course is starting in September at NKE. Its aim is for students to become familiar with the legal, political and economic aspects of the human use of outer space. Students can study space law and space economics in the Hungarian language in two semesters based on a common module, and acquire knowledge of security and defense policy. According to the information, you can apply for the course with a BA or BSC degree until September 2nd, and the admission interviews are expected to take place on September 7th-9th. The professional partners of the UniSpace Consortium are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, which oversees and manages the UniSpace program, the Ministry of Culture and Innovation, and the Prime Minister’s Office as the maintainer of the consortium leader NKE.


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