The University of Pécs Welcomes Students Fleeing Ukraine


The University of Pécs (PTE) has opened a separate application area for students fleeing Ukraine who want to continue their studies, the institution told MTI on Sunday.

The Corvinus University of Budapest (BCE) also announced on Sunday that it will provide students fleeing Ukraine in their fields of study to continue their university studies, within the framework of the regulations in force.

PTE emphasized that refugees can continue their studies at hundreds of English and Hungarian language courses at Hungary’s first university.

Applicants are automatically exempted from paying the application fee, and PTE management is currently working with the foundation to determine additional, student-friendly financial details, the announcement reads.

According to the university, the faculties of the University of Pécs offered foreign language courses in 63 courses to 413 students (including 379 students in 56 English language courses) and 1960 places in Hungarian language courses at the expense of their own faculty budgets.

It was emphasized that the University of Pécs is determined to provide all students with the most appropriate, individualized help to continue their studies.

The University of Pécs stands for peace and helps those in need, the institution concluded.

BCE has also announced that it will help people in distress due to the Russian-Ukrainian war by donating money, raising central donations and offering dormitory places.

It was stressed that the entire university community is watching the events in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict with concern, which is why the institution has organized ways to provide assistance in recent days.

The management of BCE has decided to provide a donation to the Hungarian Ecumenical Relief Organization to help refugees arriving in Hungary due to the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, and to organize a central collection in its buildings for those in need, the statement reads.


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