Erasmus got Talent

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We are more than happy to announce that Erasmus got Talent is coming to Budapest! 😍

Do you know what Erasmus gave us? 🙃

I mean beside long night dances 💃🏻🕺, random trips 🌐, new perspectives of education 🎓, friends for a lifetime 💕, beerpong on monday 🍻, cheap pizza in the night 🌛, cold pizza in the morning 🍕, hilarious jokes 😂, caring people 😇, big talk 😱, rediculous photos 📸 , and many many memories that we are going to tell even to our grandchildren.

Erasmus gave us a platform to be creative. Erasmus proved us that dreams made up in shady pubs can come true. Erasmus taught us people can be united in diversity ⭐🌟✨

It is time for you to show the world who you are. It is your time to rise. Make it happen!

If you feel like you are talented in something, register to be one of the stars on 18th of April.

The performance can be anything you can imagine. Apply individually or in a team, with music 🎷🎺🎸, dance 💃🏻, sport 🏀⚽, theatre play 🎭, slam poetry, apply with your own art 🤹‍♀🤹‍♂, or just prepare a cover of something.

We are looking for maximum 5 minutes long performances, but in special case it can be longer ⏳ Maximum number of people in one team is 5.

If you feel like you or your team can be the part of Budapest’s history, and you could have the honor to be the first winner of Erasmus got Talent in Budapest 🏆, fill out this form:

If you have any special question, do not hesitate to send an e-mail to 😉

„Stars make a wish when we pass by” ⭐🌟✨

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