International UV Party by ESN BME



Would you like to #GLOW in in the dark? 🤩


On the 7th of March you get a chance to experience an unearthly glowing dream✨, because ESN BME invites you to the #BIGGEST party of the semester 🍻🕺

Once you will enter the club🚶🏻‍♂️, you will have a glimpse around you that people are glowing in the #UV_light 🌈.

And to be part of such #COLORFUL atmosphere you don’t have to pause yourself and think how to start. At the entrance you will see different colors of #UV_paint 🎨, which you can choose for yourself / each other.

➜ What would you like to paint? 🤔
It’s entirely up to #YOUR imagination 😍🦋

Dress code: As per your comfort but if choose #WHITE or #NEON it will glow better in the UV light! 😇


Presale: 1000 HUF
On the spot: 1500 HUF / 2000 HUF after 1AM

📍Where to buy?


More info coming soon, hit #GOING and stay tuned!😎

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