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Perhaps one of the most unique tradition in Hungary is the BUSÓJÁRÁS, a series of events hosted in Mohács – a town close to Croatian border – intended to scare away the demons of winter. It’s so original, in fact, that it’s even registered by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage.

There are a number of key points to the festivities, from music to parades and, of course, copious amounts of food. The most recognisable aspect of the week are the Busó – men who dress up in large woollen coats and painted wooden masks and arrive on rowboats from the river.

If you’re planning to head to Mohács to enjoy the festival as an uninvolved bystander, think again: it’s almost impossible to attend Busójárás without becoming a part of it yourself. From being doused in flour to being offered a drink by a Busó, a trip to the festival means a trip to participate!

We will let you know about departure time and bus tickets’ price.

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ESN BME & ESN Szeged

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