Rigorous verdict in a drunk-driving case


Municipal Court of Hajdúszoboszló made a strict judgement against a driver.

In the evening hours of the 10th of January 2010 police officers in Hajdúszoboszló stopped a car and found out that the driver hadconsumed alcoholic beverages. They used breathanalyzer two times, which prooved thathis driving conditionswas moderately affected by alcohol. After the investigation with the Police's initiative theyforwarded the case to the Court.

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The Prosecutors Office called for a fast-track procedure.
The non legally binding verdict was a 520 000forint finewith 1year 4 month banning from driving.
The new law /acting from the 1st of January/ raised the fine amounts and give a strong backing to Courts making unusually strict sentences.
Drivers please be aware that even consuming a small amount of alcohol can cause not onlythe loss of the driving licencebut alsojeopardize your financial security.