Application and management


The Euró Régió Ház Ltd was established by the Municipality of Debrecen, the Industrial and Commerce Chamber of Hajdú-Bihar County, the University of Debrecen and the Cívis Ház Ltd in 1999.

The company writing applications, tenders not only for Debrecen but the County too. One of their major work was the preparation of the Integrated Urban Development Strategy (IVS), which was approved by the city in 2008. They carried out their area-development, economic organizational and communication work related to the european integration with the satisfaction of their clients. This is a well functioning company- said Zoltán Pajna deputy mayor.

The company made 26 applications, 12 were approved. These tenders reached 3,5 billion forints, with their help was possible to finish the renewal of the Bartók Béla street, the finished design plan of the second tram line. The city could upgraded 47 bus stops etc. With the help of the company the city of Debrecen receive 600-700million forints extra every year.-said Mr András Fodor, the chairman of the company.