Closest Skiing Destinations to Hungary


Do you want to go skiing this winter? These are the closest skiing destinations to Hungary.

There are a number of options for winter sport lovers who want to spend a day or a long weekend around Hungary.

Maribor-Pohorje is almost the closest skiing destination to Hungary. It takes only about three hours to get there, and there is a 41 km long trail in the ski resort.

Rogla is also about three hours from Lake Balaton. There is a skiing school in the resort, so you can practice with the help of professionals in Rogla.

Donovaly is in Slovakia and this resort is very popular among Hungarians. The length of the trails is about 11 km.

Hochkar is in Austria and it is about three hours away from Sopron.

Unterberg is smilar to Hochkar. It is very easy to approach from Hungary.

Chopak-Jasná is in Slovakia having a 45 km long trail system in the resort. During the best years, the skiing season could last even for five months here.



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