Two Men Arrested in the Case of the Dead Swiss Wolf – Photos


In addition to damaging nature, the perpetrators are also suspected of other crimes by the Emergency Police National Investigation Office (KR NNI).

The story of the wolf that died in our country caused a great debate. Many people followed the migration of the highly protected animal equipped with the M237 transmitter, as the tracking device on it constantly indicated where the wolf was going and where it was finding a new family. However, in early April 2023, the tracker went silent, and within a very short time it was suggested that the wolf on the road might have died. In order to clarify its fate, based on the indication of the Aggtelek National Park, since it was assumed that its destruction was caused by human intervention, on April 8th, 2023, the Anti-Environmental Crime Sub-Department of the Special Cases Department of the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crime Department of the KR NNI ordered an investigation against an unknown perpetrator of damaging nature for committing a crime. Since then, many investigative actions have taken place. KR NNI investigators carried out research, conducted inspections, collected evidence, and interviewed witnesses. The analysis of the obtained data and information was ongoing, which brought the investigators closer and closer to the suspected perpetrators. In order to thoroughly reconstruct the events, contact was made with the Swiss authorities, as well as the involvement of various partner authorities in criminal proceedings.


Based on the data obtained during the procedure, the investigators established that, according to the suspicion, the protected wolf was killed on the outskirts of Hidasnémeti on April 1st, 2023 by the members of a hunting company, which included a professional hunter. After the animal was killed, the beacon was cut from the carcass and thrown into the Hernád River, which was found by the investigators with the help of divers. The investigation also pointed out that the members of the company were also aware that it was a protected predator. The authority has no information about the whereabouts of the dead animal. The two men from Szabolcs were arrested by the KR NNI in the early hours of August 2nd, 2023, and they asked for the help of the staff of the Anti-Terror Center to arrest one of them, as he had a licensed firearm. The two men were suspected by the investigators of damaging nature, abusing firearms or ammunition, and committing other crimes. After the interrogations, they were taken into criminal custody and their arrest has been initiated.

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