Fatal Traffic Accident in Budapest


Two cars collided on the road to the Ferihegy airport, on the Határ road overpass shortly before midnight.

Several people were injured in the accident, and a woman died on the spot. The circumstances of the crash are still under investigation. The police closed the road to the airport. Traffic was diverted to Üllői road, and on the inbound side to Vak Bottyán street. Professional firefighters from the capital carried out the technical rescue. Two people were rescued from one of the wreckages.

Mayor Gergely Karácsony spoke in February about the need to reduce the number of fatal road accidents in Budapest to zero. According to the mayor, “the construction of a 24/7 speed camera system within the city is also suitable for preventing and sanctioning speeding. The primary task in this is the police’s, but the capital’s public road manager also has a role to play.” A few days later, it was announced: the Budapest city administration is preparing a comprehensive traffic safety strategy. The details would be finalized through social and professional consultation, but the plans include significantly reducing speed limits in many places, renovating pedestrian crossings, and building a large number of fixed speed measurement points.


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