The man who tried to rape two little girls was arrested


The Buda Central District Court ordered the arrest of a man for one month – until April 23, 2023 – who is suspected of attempted sexual violence against a person under the age of eighteen and other crimes.

According to the well-founded suspicion, on the afternoon of March 20, 2023, the defendant followed a 13-year-old girl into the elevator of an apartment building in Csepel. After it started, the person with the load pulled open the door of the elevator in order to stop it. After that, he began to question the frightened child, and then threatened to stab her if she did not show her panties. The victim did not comply with the request, so the man grabbed her by the throat and continued to threaten her with a knife. When the suspect gave way, the victim immediately shouted for help and pressed the elevator’s emergency call button. As soon as the elevator door opened, the passenger fled.

Not long after, he followed a 12-year-old girl into the stairwell of one of the apartment buildings in Csepel and grabbed the victim from behind. The girl soon managed to run quickly up the stairs, where the accused no longer followed her.

If the defendant’s act is proven, 2 counts of attempted sexual violence against a person under the age of eighteen can be established. The prosecutor’s motion also states that the classification of the latter’s act, contrary to what is stated in the indictment, can also be classified as a crime of indecent assault. Clarifying the facts and determining the exact criminal classification is the task of further investigation.

The prosecution proposed the arrest of the accused due to the risk of escaping, hiding, and repeating the crime.

Based on the available data, the suspect does not have a permanent, registered place of residence, his existential circumstances are unsettled, and he has no income from work. He has been serving a prison sentence continuously since 2012, and was released a week before the alleged crime was committed. The uncertain personal circumstances of the accused, the significant material weight of the acts, as well as the amount of punishment that can be imposed – taking into account the accused’s previous history – make the danger of escaping and hiding well-founded.

The suspect had previously been convicted several times, partly for acts of a similar nature to the current one, belonging to the scope of violent-sexual crimes. For this reason, the suspect is classified as a violent multiple repeat offender if proven guilty.

According to the court’s findings, the long-term prison sentence did not have a deterrent effect on the accused, as he became a suspect in the case according to the procedure a week after his release. In his case, it can be reasonably assumed that he would commit further crimes punishable by imprisonment in the absence of coercive measures.

Due to the lack of objective and subjective reasons, the court did not see the possibility of ordering a milder coercive measure.

The order is not final.

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