16 Border Police Officers From Ártánd Arrested on Suspicion of Qualified Bribery


The Military Council of the Debrecen Court ordered the arrest of those border police officers who were detained on suspicion of qualified bribery following the large-scale criminal operation carried out at the Ártánd border crossing on Tuesday night, the Central Investigative Prosecutor’s Office told MTI on Saturday.

In accordance with the prosecutor’s motion, the court ordered the arrest of 16 border police officers and the criminal supervision of a border police officer and a civilian in the ongoing criminal case at the Debrecen Regional Investigative Prosecutor’s Office due to corruption crimes initiated on the basis of a complaint by the National Protection Service.


After the hearing of the 18 suspects and the speeches of their defenders, the court found the danger of escaping and hiding to be well-founded, as well as that if they were released, the evidence would be made more difficult or thwarted. The border policeman, against whom the prosecutor’s office reported the suspicion of a crime of corruption with a lower penalty, and a civilian person were ordered to undergo criminal supervision because their presence during the procedure can be ensured in this way.


The Hajdú-Bihar County Police Headquarters initiated disciplinary proceedings against the border police officers subject to coercive measures, and ordered the suspension of all of their employment, the announcement states. According to a previous announcement by the General Prosecutor’s Office, border guards belonging to the Biharkeresztes Border Police Branch regularly committed corruption crimes while on duty. Before April 2022, the 17 border police officers serving at the Ártánd and Nagykereki road border crossings agreed that they would regularly accept an illegal advantage from those crossing the border, and then distribute the collected cash among themselves in a predetermined ratio after the service.



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