Woman Sentenced for Ten Years in Prison for Killing Husband


Győr Court sentenced a woman to ten years in prison for manslaughter. The woman was drunk when she stabbed her husband in April 2019, the Győr Appeals General Prosecutor’s Office informed MTI on Tuesday.

In accordance with the prosecutor’s motion, the district court aggravated the first-instance decision of the Tatabánya Court by two years.

According to the facts of the final judgment, the couple lived in bad social conditions, regularly drank and quarreled.

A few years ago, the woman was legally convicted for injuring her eldest son with a knife during an argument.

In April 2019, the accused and the victim “became severely drunk” at a family gathering. After the guests left, they started to fight, and then the woman stabbed her husband in the heart with a knife, who died on the spot.



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