Charges Brought Against Two Men Who Threw Molotov Cocktails at a House


The Prosecutor General’s Office filed charges against two men who threw Molotov cocktails at a house in Csörög (Pest Country) while several people were sleeping there.

According to the indictment, the perpetrators – who are relatives and lived in the same house in Csörög – were drinking together in their home in March 2021, and one of them brought up a grievance. He said he was sent to prison for harassing his ex-partner because her mother testified against him. He suggested that they might scare his ex-girlfriend and her mother. They made a Molotov cocktail from four empty beer bottles, lit it, threw it at the building and ran away. At that time, the ex-partner and a minor child were sleeping in one of the rooms of the house facing the street, while the woman’s mother was watching TV in the room next to them. One of the four Molotov cocktails fell next to the house, two exploded on the wall, and one broke the window of the room where the woman was sleeping with the child.

In the room, the bottle broke and the burning gasoline ignited the carpet and the floor, and then the fire quickly spread to the furniture in the room as well. The two women and the child could only leave the house through the kitchen window because of the fire, then the firefighters put the flames out. According to the public prosecutor’s statement, the woman had a damage worth more than 70,000 forints and her mother about 500,000 forints.

It was just luck that the occupants of the house were not injured.

In the case, the Prosecutor General’s Office brought charges for the crime of attempted murder and two counts of vandalism, committed with particular cruelty, to the injury of several people, to the injury of a person under the age of fourteen or unable to defend themselves.


Chief Prosecution Office of Pest County

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