HÉV Hit a Boy Near Pomáz – An Ambulance Helicopter Arrived at the Scene


A teenage boy was hit by HÉV in Pomáz on Thursday morning. A rescue helicopter arrived at the scene, HÉV only runs on one track.

Due to an accident on the H5 line, our trains run less often on one track between Budakalász and Pomáz, passengers can use the platforms towards Batthyány square on this section. We ask for your patience until scheduled traffic is restored!” – MÁV-HÉV Zrt. writes on Facebook.

“A teenager crossed the tracks while talking on the phone with headphones. The HÉV braked and honked, but unfortunately he didn’t hear it,” one of the eyewitnesses has written on the Internet. According to on-site reports, a rescue helicopter also arrived at the scene, and the injured person was lifted out from under the vehicle by the firefighters.



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