Man Dies in a House Fire in Ráckeve


A man died in a house fire in Ráckeve on Sunday morning, a spokesman for the National Directorate General for Disaster Management told MTI.


According to the announcement of Dániel Mukics, a forty-square-meter wooden house with an attic was set on fire in Sándor street, Ráckeve, Pest County. A gas cylinder also ruptured in the fire, and the flames spread to the twenty-square-foot outbuilding next to the building.

When the fire broke out, there were two people and a dog in the house, one of whom was able to escape from the burning building with the dog, and the other’s body was found in the attic by firefighters, he wrote.

The spokesman drew attention to the fact that this was the seventh deadly house fire this week: firefighters found corpses in érsekvadkert on Monday, in Doboz, Rákóczifalva and Kunhegyes on Wednesday, in Siklós on Thursday and in Szigetszentmiklós on Friday.


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