Ukrainian Arrested in Budapest After Using US Bankcard Data


A Ukrainian man has been arrested in Budapest for allegedly ordering electronic devices to Hungary from abroad, using fraudulently obtained US bankcard data, the Budapest Police Headquarters said.


The arrest came after a report from a Hungarian bank raising suspicion that electronic devices had been ordered at the end of August under a pseudonym, and data from 26 US bank cards had been used, causing damages of several million forints. Budapest police arrested the suspect in the 5th district of the capital while he assumed possession of a package, and detectives searching his apartment found unopened packages of mobile phones and other wireless electronic devices that police believe are connected to crime. The 28-year-old Ukrainian citizen has been detained and questioned on suspicion of fraudulently using an IT system. He denies the criminal charges. An investigation is under way as to how the man may have obtained other people’s credit card details, the police said in a statement.


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