The Hungarian “Cold-blooded hitman” arrested in Prague

National Police

Csaba Dér, Hungarian wanted hitman was arrested in Prague on Friday. Authorities of three countries have issued warrants for arrest against the “Cold-blooded hitman”.

The Hungarian criminal was born in a small Serbian town. Hungarian Police issued a warrant for the arrest of Csaba Dér in September 2018. At this time, the man killed a contractor, behind Pólus Center’s parking lot, most likely because of an untied business payment. He probably has killed somebody again at the beginning of January, Serbian Police supposes. Dér already spent 13 years in prison, because of a 2004 murder. He shot the local mafia boss in a restaurant called Marina; then he left cold-blooded by bicycle. Csaba Dér was sentenced for 15 years in Mitrovica jail, but was released in 2017 after 13 years due to ‘good behaviour’. After he was released, he was caught with a gun in Sarajevo in 2017. At that time, he was supposed to kill Alan Kozart.



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