Young Thief Wanted


Four young men broke into a shop on Nagy Lajos király square in June. They stole food, drinks and money. Three of them have been arrested by the local police, while the fourth thief – 19 years old Xavér Márk Sztankovics – is still on the run.

He and one of the three arrested thieves are also suspects of a robbery which happened in Cikória street in June. A 65-year-old man was attecked in his home by the two suspects who stole money from the victim.

Police is asking for the help of citizens. In case you know anything about the whereabouts of Xavér Márk Sztankovics (in the picture), please report at the local police station at 4. Budai Ézsaiás Street or call any of the following numbers: 06-52/457-040, 06-80/555-111, 107 or 112.


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