POLICE NOTE reward money


To those who provide concrete information on perpetrator.

Hajdú Bihar County Police HQ Crime Deaprtment is investigating a homocide crime case (# 09000/218/014), perpetrator(s) unknown.

As previously reported in media on 21 July, 2014 around 17.00 hrs, a death male human body was discovered – age: 22years -.

According to the Medical Expert Witness report the cause of death is homicide (human killing).

The Hajdú-Bihar Police County is looking for assistance in solving this above mentioned crime case and identifying the individual or perpetrator(s). To provide information please call +36/52-457-040 which available in 24/7.

If you have a tip and want to remain anonymous please call +36/80-555-111 (Telephone witnessing –„green number” free of charge) which is available from Monday to Thursday 08.00-16.00 hrs and Friday 08.00-13.00hrs). Or the general known Police line can be called :107 or 112.

Information can be sent to: bakatork@hajdu.police.hu

In this sense, reports of this case are treated as confidential and the identity of the caller is protected.

Based on the LAW on POLICE (act #:1994.évi XXXIV tv) the Police Commissioner of Hajdú-Bihar Police HQ will pay the

reward money : 2.000.000 HUF

to those who provide concrete information to solve the case.

The mentioned reward can be paid to those provide reliable, correct and punctual information which will be support the the official investigation and put on trial the perpetrators and the crime investigation (scope) will be granted.

If necessary the Police can provide protection of the witness.

This reward can be withdraw by Hajdú Bihar Police County.

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