Thunderstorms to come: weather alert issued for four counties


From late afternoon on Wednesday, a cyclone will arrive in our country from the west, which on the one hand will put an end to the sunny, summer weather, and on the other hand will bring significant precipitation, especially in the beginning, thunderstorms may develop in many places.

For this reason, HungaroMet issued a first-degree warning for the counties of Vas, Zala, Somogy and Baranya. According to the forecast, starting from the second half of the afternoon on Wednesday, a few thunderstorms may develop in the southwestern part of the country, local intense precipitation, temporary strengthening of the wind and small ice can also occur in their surroundings. For the same reason, a first-degree warning is in effect for the entire Transdanubia region on Thursday, and for the entire territory of the country except for three northeastern counties on Friday.

According to Kiderü’s forecast, we can basically expect a lot of sunshine on Wednesday in addition to cumulus and veil clouds, but there may be more clouds in the western regions, so the least amount of sunshine is expected there. Precipitation is not likely for most of the day, and showers and thunderstorms may occur in the southwestern counties from late afternoon and evening. The southeast wind is brisk, it will be strong in Transdanubia and in the northeast, the highest daytime temperature is usually expected to be around 24, 25 degrees.

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