Man Fell Off the Train and Died Between Halmaj and Forró-Encs


Train services have resumed between Halmaj and Forró-Encs, the scene investigation has been completed following the fatal accident, there is no longer a need to transfer to a replacement bus, and scheduled train services will be restored on the Miskolc-Hidasnémeti line – the railway company informed MTI late on Tuesday.

According to Mávinform’s announcement, two people climbed onto the rear bumper of the last Hernád InterCity train from Budapest to Kassa, presumably at Halmaj station. Upon the report of an eyewitness, the traffic control of the railway company tried to stop the train immediately, and the train stopped between Csobád and Ináncs, but by then one of the people had fallen from the train traveling at high speed and died in the accident.

During the site investigation, replacement buses were running on the railway line between Halmaj and Forró-Encs.

“The railway company would like to draw attention to the fact that the railway is a dangerous operation, and passengers can only stay in the passenger traffic areas on the vehicles and at the stations”, they emphasized, saying that climbing on top of the trains or other parts is life-threatening and prohibited.



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