Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Ambulances Took Seven Children From a School in Budaörs


Carbon monoxide caused several students of a school in Budaörs to feel sick during school hours on Wednesday morning, according to a statement from the National Ambulance Service.

Children around the age of ten began to complain of nausea and dizziness, so the school’s teachers called for the help of paramedics. The rescue management marched to the scene, a total of seven rescue units were sent to the school within minutes. The carbon monoxide alarm went off in the paramedics’ bag, which made the cause of the complaints clear, they wrote.

The ambulance service then asked for the help of partner agencies, who immediately evacuated the school, and the paramedics began treating the children. In the end, seven children were taken to hospital with suspected carbon monoxide poisoning. The condition of the students is stable.




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