Péter Ovádi: New Year’s Eve Celebrations Should Be Animal-Friendly!


Péter Ovádi, the government commissioner responsible for the development and implementation of the animal protection action plan, draws attention to the fact that although New Year’s Eve celebrations are accompanied by loud “explosions”, it is also important to keep in mind the protection of animals. In a statement sent to MTI on Wednesday, the government commissioner highlighted that the noise and light effects caused by fireworks and firecrackers can cause significant stress and anxiety for domestic animals and wild animals.

“The protection and safety of animals is of utmost importance, especially during noisy festive periods. If your pet does not yet have a microchip, take it to a veterinarian as soon as possible for implantation” – stressed the government commissioner. He added: if your pet already has a microchip, check its functionality and the registration on www.petvetdata.hu. If necessary, ask your veterinarian for help to update the data as soon as possible. In addition, put a tag with your contact information on the collar of the dog and cat for quick identification, he noted. The Commissioner urges everyone to make their homes safe for animals, close doors and windows and create a calm shelter. Never leave your fearful animal alone, and if you keep it in the garden, provide it with an enclosed hiding place. Walk him during quieter times of the day, preferably in the morning and early morning hours, always on a leash, and use toys or other distraction methods to reduce stress and calm your pet during noise disturbances.

The government commissioner emphasized that in our country, setting off firecrackers is an illegal activity, and even its possession is considered a violation. In addition to committing a violation of the law, those who set off firecrackers greatly endanger the physical integrity and health of both people and animals. Another legal requirement is that during activities involving strong light or sound that cause fear in the animal, the animal’s keeper must take care to prevent the animal from running away in fear and must strive to calm the animal down – the government commissioner explained. Péter Ovádi points out that microchip readers are available at Mol’s filling stations, so if you find a stray animal, these devices can help you identify the animal and contact the owner. “On New Year’s Eve, think about the animals too and avoid the use of loud, bright pyrotechnic devices,” wrote the government commissioner. He added: with his cooperation, he not only respects the legislation, but also keeps the welfare of the animals in mind, thus contributing to a calmer and safer holiday atmosphere for all of us.




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