April Weather to Arrive With Showers and Wind


In the first half of the week, we should prepare for variable, windy spring weather. Showers and thunderstorms are coming.

The changeable spring weather will remain during the coming days. The north-northeast wind will often be strong, especially in the western part of Transdanubia, and it will strengthen in a larger area. The maximum temperature will be between 15 and 21 degrees in most places, but it will remain below 15 degrees only in more permanently cloudy and rainy regions.

The sunny periods can mainly be disturbed by cumulus clouds, and on both Monday and Tuesday, several of our landscape units should prepare for showers and thunderstorms. Thunderstorms can develop anywhere in the country on Monday, mainly in the south-southeast areas on Tuesday. Thunderstorms can be accompanied by stormy winds, intense precipitation, and sometimes small hail.  It will not rain everywhere, but where a more intense source of precipitation passes, a larger amount may accumulate.


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