Rihanna is expecting her second baby


The 2023 Super Bowl ended with the victory of the Kansas City Chiefs, who won after a huge battle. But the halftime show, where Rihanna gave a concert, was also exciting.

Rihanna gave birth to a little boy

The singer retired from music in recent years, as she had her first child with rapper A$AP Rocky last year, and devoted her time to her family. However, she returned to the Super Bowl halftime show, and it seems that she won’t be staying long this time either, as she is expecting a baby again.

According to Telex, Rihanna’s performance was surprising because she had not been seen on stage for years, and she had previously openly boycotted the event to show solidarity with (now) ex-NFL player Colin Kaepernick, who is protesting against the oppression of black people. In the end, she decided to accept the invitation, and she put on an amazing show at the Super Bowl, despite the fact that her belly is getting very round.

There weren’t too many extreme elements in her performance, but the singer still presented an amazing sight in her striking red dress, as she sang and danced in the air on a futuristic, elevated stage, performing her most famous hits, starting with 2007’s Umbrella, with which she became world-famous.



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