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Partial agreement on wage negotiations at Magyar Posta


A partial agreement was reached during the wage negotiations at Magyar Post, according to which the company will give postal workers a one-time gross payment of HUF 50,000 until the wage negotiations lead to a result, Zsuzsanna Tóth, president of the Postal Union, told MTI.

In a statement, the Postal Trade Union indicated: they are continuing negotiations, and their goal for this year is a wage increase that at least does not reduce the real value of postal workers’ salaries.

According to the partial agreement reached between the management of Magyar Posta, the Postal Trade Union and the Association for the Protection of Interests of Hungarian Postmen, on March 3, all postal employees will receive a gross bonus of HUF 50,000. The parties also agreed that they will decide on the payment of an additional HUF 50,000 by March 31, if the final wage agreement is not reached by then.

It was also stated in the partial agreement that the employer will examine the possibility of a one-time payment at the end of the year at the initiative of the trade unions until October 31, 2023.

On Thursday, Magyar Posta Zrt. also issued a statement about the partial agreement, in which it emphasizes that, in the current difficult economic situation, it agreed on immediate measures with the unions that signed the 3-year wage agreement as part of the wage negotiations.

Pursuant to this, the reimbursement of travel expenses for employees’ daily commute to work will double as of February 1, and the schedule for the payment of the extra-salary benefit provided in recognition of loyalty will be modified. The workers will receive the first 50 percent installment with their March salary.

They also mentioned that the Postakürt Foundation is launching a support program for employees in difficult situations with a starting budget of HUF 50 million to help the neediest postman families. The tender conditions are discussed with the interest representatives.

In its press release, the company’s management asserts that it is committed to working out a wage agreement as soon as possible in cooperation with interest representatives that meets the load-bearing capacity of Magyar Posta Zrt. and is accepted by the employees.

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