Drastic weather changes are coming this week


At the beginning of the week, daytime temperatures are rising, up to 10 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, then cooling from Thursday, with only minus 1 to 5 degrees in the lightweight hours on Sunday. The wind will be strong, and lively throughout the week, and sometimes thunderstorms. Mixed precipitation is expected several times, which will become more and more snow by the end of the week, according to the National Meteorological Service’s national medium-term forecast.

On Monday, most of the sun shines for a few hours, but in the morning the cloud of veil grows from the northwest, and later the cloud cover begins to decline again in the evening and late at night. On Monday, in the second half of the day, weak mixed rainfall may occur, with rain in the west and south, while in the northeast the snow and snow have a better chance. The southwestern wind turns to the west, and northwestern and strengthens in an increasing area from the afternoon, and sometimes there may be stormy strokes. The highest daytime temperature is likely between 0 and plus 7 degrees.

On Tuesday, cloud transactions are expected with longer or shorter sunshine, scattered showers and snowfall. The northwestern, western winds are strengthened in large areas, especially in the northwest wind tunnel. At dawn, temperatures usually range from minus 4 to 2 degrees, but the windy landscapes will be a few degrees lighter. They can measure 3-9 degrees early in the afternoon.

It is usually expected to be moderately cloudy on Wednesday, sporadically with mixed precipitation, mostly rainfall, and snowfall in the northeast. The northwestern, western winds will be strong mainly in the northeast, and no stormy strokes are excluded. The minimum temperature is usually expected between minus 4 and plus 4 degrees, and windy areas will be frost-free. The maximum is between 5 and 10 degrees.

Medium or heavily cloudy on Thursday. Sporadically, mixed rainfall, especially in the northeast snow, snowfall, and rainfall elsewhere. The northwest wind is strengthened and sometimes thunderstorms. The minimum temperature is usually between minus 3 and plus 4 degrees, and the windy areas will be frost-free. The peak value is likely between 3 and 9 degrees.

On Friday, clouds are expected, usually with several hours of sunshine. Scattered snowfall. Sometimes strong impetus can be accompanied by the northwest or north wind. At dawn, they can usually measure minus 6 and plus 1 in the afternoon, 0 to 6 degrees and 6 degrees.

On Saturday, cloud transactions are expected with longer or shorter sunshine. Scattered showers and snowfall. The vibrant northwest and north winds can sometimes be accompanied by strong strokes. At dawn, temperatures are between minus 5 and plus 1, early in the afternoon, and 6 degrees and 6 degrees.

On Sunday, the often-changing clouds can only occur in snowfall. The north, northwest wind will be lively and sometimes strong. Temperatures at dawn between minus 7 and plus 1, early afternoon, minus 1 and 5 degrees.



Picture: snowy landscape in Debrecen, January 2022.

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