Cooling and snow are expected during the weekend


The amount of precipitation decreases and the rain is replaced by sleet and snow during the weekend. The temperature will also drop, the night frosts will return, and the peak values will be between 0 and plus 5-7 degrees. The wind is picking up, and it can become stormy in the Transdanubia region, according to the national medium-term forecast of the National Meteorological Service.

On Friday, the sky will be very cloudy or overcast, from late afternoon the clouds may become more scattered in places. In the morning, the precipitation tendency increases again from the east and southeast, for this reason, rain and sleet are increasingly likely to be expected in several places east of the Danube, moving eastward, which may change to snow in an increasingly large area from the afternoon, and snow may drift in some places on Transdanubia. The north and northwest wind will be brisk and strong in North Transdanubia and in the northeast. The highest daytime temperature is mostly between 0 and plus 5 degrees.

On Saturday, in addition to temporary thinning and breaks, it is more likely to be heavily cloudy or overcast. In the morning, more in the northeast, in the second half of the day, mainly in the southeastern part of the country, snow flurries, light snowfall, sleet in some places, and rain in some places in Tiszántúl. It will strengthen in many places, in Transdanubia the north and northwest wind may become stormy in some places. The minimum temperature is usually between minus 5 and plus 1, and the maximum value is usually between 0 and plus 5 degrees.

On Sunday, the sky will typically be very cloudy or overcast, with temporary thinning and breaks. Sporadic sleet and snow may occur, especially in the eastern half of the country, sleet and rain are also expected. At first, the north wind picks up in several directions. In the morning it is usually minus 7.0 degrees, in the early afternoon, it is mostly 0, plus 7 degrees is likely.



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