Sauna culture in Hungary


We have already mentioned in our earlier articles that Hungary is considered the land of thermal spas. The landlocked country is teeming with both modern and traditional baths, offering visitors the utmost relaxation and a host of health benefits. These wellness complexes are also equipped with a wide range of different saunas, from Finish to steam baths. Here we will give you some insight into the Hungarian spa culture along with a number of suggestions on where to go to have a carefree afternoon and sweat all your worries away.

Hungarian sauna history

Although Hungary boasts a rich thermal bath history and locals have been enjoying these relaxing sweat rooms for generations, the domestic sauna culture is still pretty much in its infancy compared to that of Scandinavian nations. Having said that, the country has its own sauna association and there have been numerous examples of exciting, new initiatives such as sauna movie screenings and chocolate and cheese tasting events. To mention an interesting fun fact though, Béla IV. Hungarian king’s grave is said to be located right beneath the sauna of a private property in the city of Esztergom, in northern Hungary. Even though the neighboring area was already declared a protected zone, archeologists have not yet started the excavation work.


Health benefits

Saunas have been used for centuries for their powerful health-promoting properties. When you sit in a sauna, you already feel a sense of calmness flooding through your body from the very first minute. However, it is not just their stress-releasing and mood-boosting effects that people love to visit saunas. Saunas offer relief for a number of physiological conditions as well. As your heart rate elevates and your blood vessels widen, the increased blood flow helps to deliver essential nutrients to your skin not only to fight dryness but to halt the signs of early aging too. Improved blood circulation can also ease chronic joint pain, reduce muscle soreness, and promote cardiovascular health.


Sauna etiquette

If you often frequent public saunas, there are a number of rules of etiquette to keep in mind to make the experience pleasant for everyone. Spa-goers know the struggle when they are faced with a particularly chatty visitor or one who does not respect the hygiene requirements. In the majority of Hungarian saunas, keeping your bathing clothes on is mandatory unless the venue’s guideline indicates otherwise. It is also expected to use a towel at all times when entering the room. As most people attend saunas to unwind and relax, make sure you do not bother others with loud and unwanted noises such as slamming the door accidentally, listening to music, or using your cellphone.


Saunas in/aroud Debrecen

Thanks to its international airport, Debrecen is a popular and easily accessible tourist destination for wellness enthusiasts. This important Hungarian cultural center is brimming with thermal hotels, aqua parks, and sauna worlds. It is also well-recommended to explore the city’s surroundings if you happen to have more free time on hand. The town of Hajdúszoboszló, which is less than a 30-minute drive away from Debrecen, is the most well-known bath city of the Hungarian Great Plain, for instance. The region’s famous spa complexes await visitors with traditional Finish saunas, infrared therapy saunas, steam cabins, and dry saunas to serve every need and preference.

Sauna programs in Debrecen – January 2 – January 8, 2023


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