Hungarian motorway vignette and fines will become more expensive from January


For the national annual highway sticker valid from January 1, 2023, in the case of passenger cars, HUF 49,190 must be paid, about 5 percent more than this year’s HUF 46,850, and the price of next year’s annual county vignettes is HUF 5,720, after this year’s HUF 5,450.

According to the fee table published on the website of the National Toll Payment Service Ltd., the price of entitlements for shorter periods increases more significantly. In the case of passenger cars (price category D1), the price of the monthly sticker will be HUF 8,900 next year, after the previous HUF 5,210, and the sticker valid for ten days will increase to HUF 5,500 from HUF 3,820 this year.

The annual national and county vignettes can be used on the tolled expressway network from the first day of the year, or from the date of purchase in the current year until midnight on January 31 of the following year.

Next year, not only vignettes but also fines will be more expensive. In the case of using toll roads without a sticker in the D1 category, for example, for payment within 60 days, the penalty increases to HUF 18,750, and beyond that to HUF 74,970. This year it was HUF 16,220 and HUF 64,850 respectively. The imposed surcharges can also be redeemed after the payment notice by subsequently purchasing an annual national sticker.

Those who usually buy for shorter periods should also consider purchasing the annual entitlement: in 2023, the value of 9 weekly vignettes is the same as the price of the annual entitlement.

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