Second Degree Weather Alert Issued of Four Counties Due to Heavy Rainfall


The National Meteorological Service issued a second-degree warning for four counties due to heavy rain. According to the warning published on the website of the meteorological service, more than 30 millimeters of precipitation may fall in 24 hours in the counties of Baranya, Bács-Kiskun, Somogy, and Tolna. Due to the rain, a first-degree warning is in effect for nine other counties in the country, including Hajdú-Bihar, where 20 millimeters may fall within 24 hours.

They wrote that a new precipitation zone is spreading over an increasingly large part of Hungary from the southwest, a substantial amount of at least 10-20 millimeters of precipitation is expected in many places, but it may fall significantly less near the northwestern border.

On the other hand, in the southeastern two-thirds of the country, the amount of precipitation falling until Sunday morning may exceed 20 millimeters in a large area, and even 30 millimeters, especially in the southern and southwestern counties, but in some places, rainfall amounts exceeding 30-35 millimeters may also occur.


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