It seems that the wearing of masks will have to be reintroduced in Hungary


According to Miklós Rusvai, more and more variants of the coronavirus are developing, so the previous precautions may be needed again. The expert also drew attention to the fact that influenza vaccination may be very necessary this year, as a serious epidemic threatens.

According to the NNK’s information last week, the delivery of the flu vaccine to general practitioner practices will be completed this week, but it turned out that many people did not receive it, or only received a smaller amount. This year, the government will provide the vaccine free of charge to those at increased risk.

Miklós Rusvai pointed out in the ATV Start program: if someone gets sick at this time, it is not surprising, we experience this every fall, but since covid appeared, it can be caused by several viruses.

Many people don’t even take a test, they stay at home, recover, and then everything goes on

– said the virologist.

However, according to the pediatrician, the test would be important so that the parent knows what he is up against and that the child might not receive antibiotics unnecessarily. Dóra Fábián emphasized that in this case, the children receive symptomatic treatment, and most of them get over the illness in a few days.

According to Miklós Rusvai, the flu vaccine “doesn’t harm anyone”, but he fears that we will return to the times before covid, meaning that most of the available amount will remain unused even at the end of the season. It was different last year and the year before, there was even a shortage of influenza vaccine, but according to him, we will return to the level where barely 20 percent of the amount offered free of charge will be used up.

Miklós Rusvai drew attention to the importance of prevention: as he said, a person with a healthy immune system can overcome some viral infections, and the more time we spend outdoors or doing sports, the healthier the immune system will be.

According to the virologist, sooner or later it may be necessary to re-introduce the wearing of masks on public transport or in public institutions, but as he said, this does not harm anyone, anyone can still wear them now.

The new coronavirus mutations are better able to avoid the immunity created by the vaccine, which is why there are more and more variants.

Hand-foot-mouth disease is spreading among children, and after a few days of inactivity, it breaks out with fever and rashes. Dóra Fábián said: with rashes appearing in the mouth, there is a great danger that the child will not drink and will become dehydrated, so you have to pay attention to this. According to the pediatrician, this disease is contagious for a relatively long time, children defecate for a relatively long time, it is not possible to say exactly when it will end.

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