Párbeszéd Proposes Setting Up Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office


The opposition Parbeszed has submitted a draft to parliament proposing the setting up of an anti-corruption prosecutor’s office, the party’s group leader said on Tuesday.


Bence Tordai told an online press conference that the government had submitted on Monday its amendment proposals in an effort to receive European Union funding. A larger package is expected on Friday which will show “how far they are willing to go in order to discontinue governance based on corruption”, he added.


Tordai said the cabinet’s planned measures were “very weak” and “unlikely to fully satisfy the European Commission’s expectations”. “As a result, we have done the work that the government should have done and prepared a plan for an institutional framework that can really prevent and reveal corrupt criminal activities,” he said. Párbeszéd has submitted a package of three proposals that detail the workings of an anti-corruption prosecutor’s office, including an office for the protection of public interest, he said. The party proposes fighting corruption with the help of public reporting, he added.




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