LMP: State-Run Social Institutions Discriminated


Certain state-run social institutions suffer discrimination and opposition LMP will launch a petition demanding equal per capita support to be paid to state-run social institutions as those currently paid to church-run facilities, the party’s co-leader said on Tuesday.


Péter Ungár said in line with an agreement between Hungary and the Vatican, church-run social institutions get 1.8-times higher per capita payment than state-run institutions. Increased public utility fees cause great problems to the operators of social institutions and several state-run institutions have additional issues, such as allocating the required funding for food, he added.


Social services are the task of state but over the past twelve years, efforts have been made to delegate them to churches.


Withdrawal of the state from the field causes serious problems and the difference in per capita payments represents the most discriminative aspect, Ungár said.




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