Extraordinary Government Info Event Announced for Today


Invitations to the government briefing starting at 1 p.m. were sent out on Saturday morning.

It is not known what government spokesmen Gergely Gulyás and Alexandra Szentkirályi will announce after the morning cabinet meeting. Gergely Gulyás, the minister in charge of the Prime Minister’s Office, stated on Friday that a decision will be made on the food and fuel price caps, and something on the interest rate cap, by next week at the latest. The price caps would expire on October 1st.

The maximum fuel price of HUF 480 gross is valid from mid-November 2021. The range of beneficiaries has been narrowed several times since then. The government fixed the prices of flour, granulated sugar, sunflower cooking oil, pork leg, chicken breast, chicken back, chicken wing tip and 2.8 UHT milk from February 1st.

Photo: MTI / Noémi Bruzák

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