Medical Chamber: New Abortion Rules Not Against Code of Ethics


Hungary’s new abortion rules are not in contradiction with the Hungarian Medical Chamber’s (MOK) code of ethics, the chamber said on Wednesday, but added that no consultations had been held before introducing the changes.


On its website, the chamber said the new rules would “change existing protocols only administratively; doctors have been obliged to ascertain vital signs of the foetus and inform the mother”. Abortions, protecting life of the foetus, the importance of women’s dignity and self-determination are “complex social and philosophical issues, and simplifying and politicising those issues will only do harm to all concerned”, the chamber said. MOK expressed regret over the lack of social or professional debates prior to the changes and said it was open to consultations on the subject, to “represent medical and ethical aspects”. Under the new rules, before every abortion, pregnant women must obtain a certificate attesting to hearing their baby’s heartbeat.


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