Today We Can Expect Cloudy Weather With Showers and Thunderstorms


On Tuesday morning, scattered showers and thunderstorms may occur in the central and southern parts of the country.


Intense cells may be accompanied by downpours, hail and temporary wind gusts. In Transdanubia, the north-west wind will be in some places strong, the north-east wind will be vivid east of the Danube.

Mostly, the sky will be partly cloudy, but cumulus clouds may rise higher in the eastern regions, and scattered showers and thunderstorms may develop. Intense cells will be characterized by downpours, tiny hail, and temporarily strong, gusty winds. In Transdanubia, the northwesterly wind may pick up, in the regions east of the Danube, the northeasterly wind will be brisk, sometimes strong. Tuesday will be pleasantly warm, with a maximum temperature between 24 and 32 °C.

During the night, the sky will be mostly cloudy, there may be cloudier landscapes in Transdanubia. The wind may gradually moderate. The temperature may drop between 14 and 20 °C in the morning.


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