“Red code” due to heat comes into effect


The government has enacted a “red code” due to the expected heatwave in the coming days, which will make it mandatory for all social institutions to admit homeless or distressed people, the Secretary of State for Care Policy at the Ministry of the Interior said at a news conference in Budapest on Monday.

Attila Fülöp said that the measure took effect at 8 am on Monday and is expected to last until 8 pm this Thursday. The special procedure was introduced after the national chief medical officer ordered a heat alarm because the average daily temperature would rise above 27 degrees in the coming days, he added.

The politician said the “red code”, in addition to measures for social institutions, is a warning to the entire social welfare system, daycare providers, and social workers, and a warning to society.

Attila Fülöp asked if anyone saw a person in trouble in the vicinity due to the heat, notify the national dispatcher service, the contact details of which can be found on the government.hu website and on the government pages of social media.

The Secretary of State also said that the utilization rate of the homeless care system is currently 63 percent nationwide and 52 percent in the capital. So there is free space in the shelters, so he asked those involved to use the service.



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