Debrecen company manager: in summer the price of a kilo of bread can even double


At present, 15-20 million tons of Ukrainian grain are missing from the market, which has an impact on world market prices, said Zoltán Lakatos, President and CEO of Hajdú Gabona Zrt., who told Debrecen Television.

The head of the company said that Ukraine had previously exported one million tons of grain, wheat, corn, sunflower and rapeseed a week, mainly by water from the port of Odessa. They are now trying to make up for it by rail, but they can’t get more than five hundred thousand tons a month. Consequently

the price of wheat is already over 130 thousand forints per tonne, which is more than twice the price of July last year.

The kilo of flour has risen from 85-90 forints in August 2021 to 160 forints now and this process has not stopped.

Zoltán Lakatos talked about the fact that from July there could be a general price explosion for meat, oil, milk, sugar and everything that is needed for cereals.

I am afraid that the price of a kilo of bread will be around 800 forints

– said the chairman and CEO of Hajdú Gabona Zrt.

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