A paratrooper who suffered an accident on Monday urgently needs blood


Blood donors are still waiting for the treatment of the paratrooper who suffered an accident on Monday, the Hungarian Armed Forces said on its Facebook page.

As it was written: Chief Sergeant Szabolcs Gál took part in a parachute exercise at the military airport in Szandaszőlős on Monday when he hit the ground at high speed. The experienced military athlete was taken to hospital with serious injuries.
Szabolcs Gál, a member of the Hungarian Armed Forces parachute team, has already made more than 5,500 jumps, he was highlighted. The circumstances of the accident are not yet clear, the investigation is still ongoing, they wrote.

The Chief Sergeant needs blood for medical interventions and recovery. Although “his colleagues have already teamed up for the noble cause,” the staff of the National Blood Service is still waiting for volunteers to apply. Szabolcs Gál is treated at the Hungarian Army Health Center, the Budapest Army Hospital. Some data of Szabolcs Gál are also required for controlled blood donation.

Next to his name, date of birth: 30.08.1989, and TAJ number by entering 042934750, it is possible to donate blood for the treatment of Staff Sergeant Szabolcs Gál, the army explained.



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