A Cave Diver in the Jósvafő Cave Has Disappeared


During a exploratory dive, a cave diver disappeared in the Kossuth Cave on the border of Jósvafő on Sunday afternoon, and fifty cave rescuers are still searching, the press coordinator of the Hungarian Cave Rescue Service told MTI on Monday.


According to the information of Márton Kovács, the diver did not return to the starting point of the dive after the planned action, his diving associates did not find him.

In addition to the Hungarian Cave Rescue Service, the Northern Hungarian Association of Cave Rescuers, the Bakony Cave Rescue Service and the Speleo Roznava Cave Rescue Service in Slovakia, the Aggtelek National Park Directorate, the Disaster Management Club, the Pest County Research Rescue Service, the Rescue Service , the Amphora Dive Club and a number of highly trained rescuers and helpers experienced in cave diving help the search.

The Kosssuth Cave behind the Nagy-Tohonya spring was excavated in the 1950s. The end point of the cave was the Hopeless Siphon for a long time. After decades of research, the flight was flown in 2009 by researchers at the Amphora Diving Club. After the breakthrough, air-rich halls rich in formations and additional underwater passages increased the known length of the cave, which today exceeds 1,500 meters, while its vertical extent is 60 meters.

On Sunday, the flights of Siphon 3 were searched by exploratory divers.

The rescue is hampered by the fact that this part of the cave is very narrow and there is currently virtually no visibility in the water that fills the passages due to the mixed clay.

Ending Monday morning, participants in an hour and a half dive around the cave’s now-known endpoint, at a depth of 40 meters, found that the passage of the flight had disappeared, and a guide rope to help navigate the poor visibility was completely embedded in the clay.

Preparations are underway, rescue divers and cave rescuers are preparing for further research dives. In the morning, more rescue forces arrived at the cave.


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