The coronavirus epidemic is in a descending branch


The number of vaccines in Hungary was 6,402,762, of which 6,187,600 received the second, 3,845,314 the third, and 261,879 the fourth. 2327 new infections were confirmed, bringing the number of identified infections to 1,854,198 since the outbreak began. 40, mostly elderly, chronic patients have died, so the number of deaths has risen to 45,510, ​​reported on Friday.

The government portal wrote: the number of people cured was 1,709,370 and the number of active infections was 99,318. The hospital carries 1,858 patients with coronavirus, 56 of whom are on a ventilator.

They added that the country is in the descending branch of the fifth wave of the epidemic, so the government has lifted epidemiological restrictions, and the obligation to wear a mask has been lifted.

Registration and appointment booking is always open for vaccination. The vaccination campaign will continue at hospital checkpoints on Friday afternoons and Saturdays as well.

Unvaccinated people, as well as those who have received their previous vaccination more than four months ago, continue to be given high priority for vaccination. The booster dose is recommended for anyone who has received their previous vaccine more than four months ago, they added, adding that the third vaccine can be used to increase protection again to 80 to 90 percent.
They highlighted that the government will continue to provide vaccination to anyone who wants to live with it. Vaccination can still be taken at hospital vaccines, GPs and pediatricians. The registration and appointment website is open all the time, they wrote.

According to the map of, most people have been registered in Budapest (325,554) and Pest County (251,844) so ​​far. It is followed by Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén (108,564), Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg (100,703), Győr-Moson-Sopron (99,945), Hajdú-Bihar (97,959) and Bács-Kiskun county (93,402). The county least affected by the infection is still Tolna (39,253).

There are 9,191 in official house quarantine, the number of samples is 11,127,382.



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