DK: Fidesz Lost Control Over Rising Food Prices


Ruling Fidesz is resorting to “sham measures” to conceal the fact that it has lost control over the weak forint and increase in food prices, the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) said, commenting on shops having to display signs showing that the government has frozen the price of seven food products for 90 days.


Parliamentary group spokesman Zoltán Varga told an online press conference that in a similar fashion, “hospitals should be forced to display signs showing how many doctors and nurses have resigned over the past ten years and how much debt they have accumulated as a result of the government’s failure to pay operating costs.” Additionally, schools should be expected to display at the entrance how many teachers they are short of and petrol stations should be expected to also display the price of fuel ten years ago, he said. Varga said public institutions and government offices should display signs showing the public debt today and ten years ago and shops should also display the prices of products from ten years ago.


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