A highly contagious variant of the coronavirus has appeared in Hungary


People are asked to take the coronavirus vaccine by the national chief medical officer during the vaccination action week starting on Monday. Cecília Müller also said in a video posted on the government’s Facebook page that a delta plus variant of the coronavirus has already been detected in Hungary.

Vaccination has never been more important, she said. The national chief medical officer highlighted:

Hungarian healthcare institutions are “saturating” and treating more and more coronavirus patients in hospitals. The number of new infections per day is also increasing significantly

– she added.

According to the laboratory tests of the National Center for Public Health, the delta variant clearly dominates, but the delta plus virus variant has already appeared in Hungary. It is an extremely rapidly infectious form of the coronavirus

– she explained that even in the two days before the onset of symptoms, an infected person can infect others. They also found that people living in a household can transmit the virus to each other very quickly, “almost without exception, they are at high risk,” she noted.

Cecília Müller asked everyone to take the opportunity to get vaccinated. This is especially important now because of the “dominance” of the delta variant, she noted. She also mentioned that

those who do not vaccinate themselves are endangering not only themselves but also their loved ones and communities, the chief medical officer said, stressing that it is not possible to know who is suffering from the disease.

Cecília Müller asked people over the age of 18 to take the booster dose four months after the second vaccination. The vaccination action week, which starts on Monday, provides an excellent opportunity for this, during which not only the third but also the first and second vaccinations can be taken at many vaccination points across the country, the national chief medical officer emphasized.



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