Showers and Strong Wind to Come


According to the weather forecast, next week is going to be rainy and windy.


After the first days of the week, a cold front sweeps out the heat on Wednesday and thunderstorms can even form in the country, with a thunderstorm system that can be accompanied by rainstorms and possibly stormy winds.

Behind the front, a Mediterranean cyclone will form, which will swirl over us for days, and according to the current calculations, with the exception of the eastern part of Hungary, there could be up to 3-4 days of continuous intense rain, while temperatures will be between 12-15 degrees. During this time, precipitation of more than 50mm is likely in a large area, but in the southwest, there is also a pretty good chance of around 100mm by Sunday evening.

As Mediterranean cyclones are quite capricious and difficult to predict, it is possible that the situation will change in the meantime.

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